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New album released Nordic Banjo - Lauri Häme, album cover


Nordic Banjo is an instrumental epic encompassing some of the most well-known pieces of Nordic folk music. This hand-picked collection mixes together several Northern European traditions originating from the smoky saunas of Forest Finns and the shared longhouses of Norsemen. With a splash of modern jam favorites, the work respectfully extends the melodic and rhythmic textures passed down through families, relatives and neighbors over hundreds of years.


Narrated by the Afro-American five-string, the Nordic Banjo melange settles itself in the core of what is known as World Music. The rolls and drones which are idiomatic to the banjo combined with the boreal sound climate create a mystical atmosphere where a myriad of archaic story layers are being told concurrently in different languages and dialects. This spirit of Nordic Banjo is aptly captured by the Finnish word viisikielinen, which refers to both five-stringed and pentalingual: A universal voice that speaks to people across the continents.


Lauri Häme is a musician and songwriter from Helsinki, Finland. Since 2004 he has been performing with the post-grass band Rautakoura on banjo and vocals. As an instrumentalist he is constantly experimenting with new combinations of traditional and contemporary sounds.

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Nordic Banjo 2 (NB2) Track 1: Composed and Arranged by Lauri Häme. All other tracks: Traditional, Arranged by Lauri Häme.

Nordic Banjo (NB1) Track 1: Composed and Arranged by Lauri Häme. Tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,13 and 14: Traditional, Arranged by Lauri Häme. Track 9: Composed by Andy May, Arranged by Lauri Häme. Track 12: Composed by Teija Niku, Arranged by Lauri Häme.

Both albums mixed by Kimpi Huisman and mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde / Virtalähde Mastering.